Trotter trainers, maximize your billing with Groomy !

Trotter trainers, maximize your billing with Groomy !


Groomy is developed to facilitate the daily life of professionals in the horse industry. By subscribing to Groomy you have the possibility to include a module dedicated to invoicing. Here we will talk about the interest of this module for the professionals of the "trotting" world.

The "Invoicing" module on Groomy

Designed in collaboration with some thirty customers (stud farms, breeders, stables, trainers, etc.), the invoicing module has been developed to meet the needs of all the players in the industry.

Thanks to this module you can generate and send your invoices in a few clicks, regardless of the number of clients, horses or your activity.

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In detail, the invoicing module allows you to :

  • Manage your horses' pensions,
  • Add your services to be invoiced,
  • Manage multiple ownerships,
  • Manage the multiaccounting,
  • Make your accounting exports,
  • Generate your invoices and credit notes,
  • Manage payments and unpaid bills,
  • Generate your cheque deposit slips,
  • and a lot more !

What is the interest for trotter trainers ?

At Groomy, we asked ourselves about the needs of professionals in the "trotting" field. After having exchanged a lot with our customers, we have continued the development of Groomy so that the software is ready to use for trotter trainers and their daily needs.

That’s why we have recently developed a "Performances and Entries" module that allows each trainer to integrate into Groomy the entries and race results of his horses.

This module is relevant in view of a global centralization of the data, but also because we develop another module in order to automate the rebilling of the earnings.

In addition, if you wish to re-invoice a part of the earnings of the horses you train, this module is made for you. At the end of the month, you will be able to find all the shares of earnings that you have to re-invoice to the owners, then in a few clicks, send all your invoices by e-mail.

Groomy is constantly evolving, always with a view to improving the tool, you will soon be able to have a real follow-up of the training of your horses both on the basis of a schedule and on your training statistics.

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