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Discover here all the features of the Groomy Invoicing option.

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1- Create your customer files

Centralise all the information of your customers and/or horse owners in their file (contact details, horses, invoices, payments)

Customer files horse software

Great, I can forget my paper files!

2- Invoice your acts and livery fees and generate credit notes

Generate and send your invoices in 5 clicks regardless of the number of customers, horses or of your type of activity.

Invoicing horse software

What a time saver! It is so easy to invoice with Groomy.

3- Make your accounting exports

Forget double entries! With Groomy, in one click you can generate an accounting export adapted to the accounting software of your choice.

Accounting export horses

My accountant is happy!

4- Set up your accounting

One or more invoicing entities? One or more invoice templates? Everything is possible with Groomy.

Accounting setting horses

I manage the invoicing of all my entities within the same tool, what a pleasure!

5- Add your payments and follow your unpaid invoices

Follow the unpaid invoices and enter the payments of your customers as they come in, in order not to miss the defaulters.

Unpaid invoice horse software

I no longer hesitate to send reminders for unpaid invoices!

6- Generate your cheque deposit slips

In 2 clicks, generate your cheque deposit slips according to your bank.

Cheque deposit horse software

All I have to do is print out my deposit slip, everything is already filled in!

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Comply with the regulations

Since 1 January 2018, it has been made mandatory to use a management software or a cash register system that meets the conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of data is mandatory. What does that mean? You can no longer use Excel to make your invoices. Fortunately, Groomy meets all these requirements and complies with the new regulation of article 88 of the law n°2015-1785 of December 29, 2015 of finances.

Benefit from assistance to help you with Groomy

As a user of a PRO Groomy option, you benefit from support to help you use the software.

1- Online documentation

You can have easy access to the complete online documentation. The video tutorials will help you to handle the Groomy invoicing tool.

2- Making appointments

If online documentation does not answer your specific questions, you can book an appointment with the support team online. Access the online diaries and schedule a 30-minute meeting.

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3- Support

For all emergencies and quick repairs, you can contact the support department by phone.

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