How may Groomy be useful for trotter trainers ?

How may Groomy be useful for trotter trainers ?


In the following article, find out how Groomy can help you manage your horses and your business in an efficient and practical way.

Groomy meets your needs as a trotter trainer

Centralize all your data

Groomy is an equine management software, it allows you to manage your horses and your structure on a single platform usable via computer, tablet and mobile wherever you are.

On Groomy you can centralize all your horses and their data, the data entry is partly automated. It is then up to you to keep these data up to date.

Automate your breeding register

As soon as you register a horse on your Groomy space, you can enter a date of arrival. If this one is going to a race meeting or leave definitively, you will be able to enter a date of exit. This information will be automatically recorded in your breeding register.

Manage your schedule

On Groomy, you can enter your list of tasks to be carried out for each horse. In order to organize yourself better and not to forget anything, in particular the care or the visits of the farrier.

You can also enter and plan sanitary acts such as vaccines or deworming,you will then not forget the tasks to be done and will be in conformity with your sanitary obligations.

Import your horses' commitment and performance data

Recently, we have developed a new module that allows you as a trotter trainer to upload your engagement and performance data to Groomy. The import of these data allows you to accelerate your entry of the breeding register and the planning of races.

Optimize your invoicing and re-invoice your earnings

Thanks to the "Invoicing" module that we have developed, you can create and edit your own invoice models in a few clicks. You can then charge your clients for: pensions, training, acts performed, etc.

All your invoices will then be stored in the same place and you will be able to follow all the unpaid invoices and send reminders to your customers if necessary.

If you have horses in co-ownership, Groomy also allows you to define a billing percentage for each owner of a horse.

To know more about the module "Invoicing"


The new module "Engagements and Performances" is associated with our module "Invoicing". Indeed, according to the obtained earnings you will be able to bill a part of the earnings of the horses you train to the different co-owners.

At the end of the month, you will have all the shares of earnings that you can invoice to the owners and in a few clicks the invoices can be sent directly by email.

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