Groomy for Trainers of Trotters

Groomy for Trainers of Trotters


Read our article below to discover all the ways in which Groomy can be of practical use to you in managing your horses and business efficiently.

Benefits for Trainers of Trotters

Data centralisation

Groomy is an equine management software which allows you to manage your horses and your facility on a single platform accessible via computer, tablet and mobile from wherever you happen to be.

You can use Groomy to centralise data for all your horses as data entry is partly automated. It is then your job to keep these data up to date.

Automated Breeding Register

As soon as you register a horse on your Groomy space, you can enter an arrival date. If the horse is to be moved to a race meeting or is to leave permanently, you can enter a departure date. This information will be automatically recorded in your breeding register.

Schedule management

You can use Groomy to enter a list of tasks for each horse. This help you to be better organised and remember everything, such as treatments and farrier visits.

You can also enter and schedule health procedures such as vaccinations or deworming, so as not to forget anything ans stay up to date with health requirements.

Entry and Performance Data

We have just developed a new module that allows trainers of trotters to upload their entry and performance data to Groomy. This allows them to fill in the breeding register and the plan races much faster.

Invoicing optimisation and Sharing of Earnings

Thanks to our in-house "Invoicing" option, you can create and edit your own invoice templates in matter of clicks. You can then charge your customers for: livery, training, services, etc.

All invoices will then be stored centrally allowing you to track all the unpaid invoices and send reminders to customers if necessary.

In the case of horses in co-ownership, Groomy allows you to determine a billing percentage for each owner of the horse.

To know more about the module "Invoicing"


Our new "Entries and Performances" module is used in conjunction with our "Invoicing" option. Indeed, you will be able to bill an appropriate share of the earnings of the horses you train to their different co-owners.

At the end of the month, you will be able to see all the earnings shares that you have to re-bill to the owners and in a matter of clicks the invoices can be sent straight off by email.

If you would like to know more about the advantages of Groomy, click here. 


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