Easy Invoicing for Trainers of Trotters

Easy Invoicing for Trainers of Trotters


Groomy has been designed to make the daily lives of people working in the horse industry easier. By subscribing to Groomy, you can access a  purpose-designed invoicing option. This option is potentially of interest to people working in the "trotting" world.

Invoicing option on Groomy

Our invoicing option, developed in collaboration with thirty or so of our customers (stud farms, breeders, stables, trainers, etc.), has been designed to meet the needs of all players in the industry.

This module allows you to generate and send invoices at the click of a mouse, regardless of number of customers, horses, or your type of activity.

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Specifically, our invoicing option allows you to :

  • manage your horses' liveries
  • add services to be invoiced
  • manage multiple ownerships
  • manage the multiple-entity accounting
  • carry out accounting exports
  • generate invoices and credit notes
  • manage payments and unpaid bills
  • generate cheque deposit slips
  • and much more besides !

Needs of Trainers of Trotters

At Groomy, we asked about the needs of people working with trotters. We discussed this in depth with our customers, and sought to tailor our Groomy software to meet the daily needs of trainers of trotters.

This led us to develop a "Performance and Entries" module that allows trainers to input the entries and race results of their horses into Groomy.

This module contributes to a global centralisation of the data. A further module is currently under development designed to automate the rebilling of the earnings.

This is the module you need to re-bill a share of the earnings of the horses you train. At the end of the month, you can easily find all earnings shares to be re-billed to owners, and with a click of the mouse you can  send all your invoices by email.

Groomy is under ongoing development, with constant upgrates, and you will soon be able to monitor the training of your horses in real time using your schedules and training statistics.

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