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Groomy is a software for all horse keepers

What is Groomy?

Groomy is a management software for all horse holders, whether they are private individuals, professionals, breeders, stable managers or trainers... And whatever the number of horses.
It enables you to manage your horses and your organisation on your phone, tablet, and computer.

Groomy for the equine breeding register

As an equine keeper, there are several obligations to fulfil in compliance with European health regulation: registering of the place of keeping, the dates of horses' arrival and departure, keeping health records of your horses (vaccines, deworming, health tests, farrier...) and keeping records of prescriptions.

Discover Groomy

Groomy is free to use for up to 5 horses so don't hesitate and create an account now.

Why create a free software (freemium)?

Simply to help the horse industry. The sanitary obligations are the same for everyone, whether you are a private owner or a professional, so we wanted to make our own contribution by enabling all horse owners to correctly manage their breeding register correctly.

Our long-term goal is to focus on the satisfaction of our users. We hope to help the industry to be better structured, and to exchange data more easily so as to optimise the work of professionals.

Advanced features are available and can be activated by upgrading to the pro version of Groomy. If you wish to be able to schedule your actions or receive reminders (next vaccines, deworming) in order to make your daily work easier:

Discover Groomy Pro

Additional options for professionals

To help all professionals beyond the compulsory regulation, we have developed specific options to enable better management.

Groomy Invoicing

With the Invoicing option, you can manage all the invoicing of your business.

Benefit from automatic invoicing for horses liveries, specific acts, training, and much more...

Discover Groomy Invoicing

Groomy Reproduction and Covering

Groomy Reproduction enables you to manage and plan the gynaecological follow-up of your broodmares whether you are a breeder, a stud manager or a veterinarian.

Groomy Covering supports you in your covering business: marketing covers, managing cover contracts, keeping mating schedule and syndication.

Discover Groomy Reproduction Discover Groomy Covering

What benefits for you?

Groomy allows you to enter the movements of your horses, to keep a good sanitary record of your livestock, of prescriptions and to manage your professional activity (gynaecological follow-up of mares, invoicing, management of stallions...) all this with a minimum of clicks and in a minimum of time.

Groomy is based on a modern cloud infrastructure ensuring optimum performance:

  • Your data is securely hosted, accessible from wherever you are and automatically backed up
  • The application is always up to date. Updates and new features are immediately available as we develop them, you don't have to do anything, we take care of everything
  • Groomy is optimised for use on mobiles, tablets and computers, and the application can be used even without an internet connection

Who develops Groomy?

Groomy is edited by Equidéclic, a communication and IT development agency specialised in the equine industry.

Since 2006, Equidéclic has been helping breeders to optimise their commercial management and develop their communication. For over 13 years, Equidéclic has been developing and marketing management software for professionals in the industry. Equideclic is already used by 200 of the largest French businesses (stud farms, breeding centres, stallion centres, livery stables, etc.) as a management and technical monitoring software with its Gynebase and O'Haras tools.
In 2018, Equidéclic chose to offer a brand new version of its breeding management software in order to meet the new uses and new constraints of the industry's players. This is how Groomy was born!

Groomy represents more than 200 000 € investment per year and includes a dedicated multidisciplinary staff composed of 4 developers, 1 UX/UI designer, 2 graphic designers, 3 support technicians and the support of all the staff from Equidéclic.

100 000 horses
managed with Groomy
More than 6000
Recommended by
more than 8 out of 10 users
A team
by your side
by the Hippolia center

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