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Enter and schedule all your gynaecological procedures

Enter directly from the gynaecological bar the procedures performed on mares and schedule the next procedures to be performed.

With Groomy enter everything from the gynecological bar - equine software

No more need for my notebook, I enter everything on Groomy!

Find all the information concerning the gynaecological follow-up of a mare

Ultrasound, breeding, PD, foaling ... All the information concerning the gynaecological follow-up of your mare is centralised in her file.

Groomy - all the gynecological follow-up of your mares in one software

At a glance I can see the latest gynaecological procedures for my mare!

Find your gynaecological planning of the day

Find all the gynaecological procedures planned for the day or the week, and get access to the complete gynaecological follow-up of the mare to be mated with 1 click!

Groomy planning gynecological and planned acts mares

I will no longer miss a mare thanks to my gynaecological planning!

Manage your embryo collections and transfers

Collect embryos from your donor mares and transfer them to your recipient mares.

embryo collections and transfers horse software

At a glance, I know which embryo my recipient mare is carrying!

Add the PRO Invoicing option to invoice your gynaecological procedures

Enter your procedures in the stable, if they are billable then generate your invoice instantly with a few clicks.

Reproduction and invoicing for horse management

I manage my gynaecological follow-up and my invoicing at the same time. What a time saver!

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Benefit from assistance to help you with Groomy

As a user of a PRO Groomy option, you benefit from support to help you use the software

1- Online documentation

You can have easy access to the complete online documentation. The video tutorials will help you to handle the Groomy tool.

2- Making appointments

If online documentation does not answer your specific questions, you can book an appointment online with the support team. Access the online diaries and plan a 30-minute meeting.

Book a phone appointment

3- Support

For all emergencies and quick repairs, you can contact the support department by phone.

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