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Groomy is an application to keep track and manage your horse for free. It allows you to centralise all the information about your horse in one place. The Groomy application is available for Android and iOS smartphones and on the web.

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1- Keep an up-to-date breeding register for all your horses

Enter the location of your horses, arrivals and departures...

Horse movement breeding register

A check-up? Don't panic, everything is up to date!

2- Keep an easy health record

Register and schedule all the procedures and care of your equine livestock (vaccines, deworming, health tests, farrier, etc.)

Horses Vaccines and booster shots

Great! I no longer forget my horses' vaccine boosters.

3- Keep your veterinary prescriptions

Import or take a picture of your veterinary prescriptions directly from the application and associate them with the procedures performed on your horses.

Keep your presciptions for your horses

I no longer have to search through my file for the last 5 years of prescriptions!

4- You are convinced? Create an account, it's free

and start managing your horses in a new way

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You have more than 5 horses ? Discover our premium packages to manage your horses according to your needs.


Access online help

Groomy is very easy to use, and you will be able to enjoy it for free in no time.

If despite all our efforts, you need help, don't panic, everything is provided. We regularly develop and improve our online help. Simply follow our training videos to improve your experience. To receive access to the training sessions again, simply contact us.

100 000 horses
managed with Groomy
More than 6000
Recommended by
more than 8 out of 10 users
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