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Discover here all the features of the Groomy Covering option.

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1- Create and send your customised breeding contracts

Create a new breeding contract in a few minutes, print or email it to your customer and keep track of the reception of signed or unsigned contracts. Each contract model can be customised for each stallion.

Breeding contract
The commercial management of my stallions is much easier now!

2- Manage your breeding schedule

Choose the available breeding slots per stallion and fill in your schedule as the season progresses. For each slot, find the important information of your customer and his mare (contact details, contract status, health information etc.)

Breeding planning

At a glance I know if my client and his mare are in order, so that the mare can be covered!

3- Manage the syndication of your stallions

Follow the allocation of "pool" or "personal" shares. Attach shares to breeding contracts and manage share transfers.

stallions syndication

Syndication gets much easier to manage no matter how many shares or stallions are syndicated.

4- Add the Pro Invoicing option to bill your coverings

Thanks to this option, as soon as a breeding contract is signed, generate your breeding reservation invoices. Invoice all your balances on October 1st or invoice per live foal and follow up your outstanding payments.

Pro Billing module

I invoice all my customers in a few minutes and I don't forget anyone. My invoicing is so easy!

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Benefit from an assistance to help you with Groomy

As a user of a PRO Groomy option, you benefit from support to help you use the software.

1- Online documentation

You can have easy access to the complete online documentation. The video tutorials will help you handle the Groomy covering tool.

2- Making appointments

If online documentation does not answer your specific questions, you can book an appointment with the support team online. Access the online diaries and schedule a 30-minute meeting.

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3- Support

For all emergencies and quick repairs, you can contact the support department by phone.

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