The Story behind Groomy

The Story behind Groomy


Once upon a time ...
Groomy was first established in 2018. What sparked its inception and what was its driving force? This article traces its history from its very early days right up to the present day.

About Groomy

Groomy is a management software tool designed for anyone responsible for a horse, whether private individuals or equine businesses. It allows you to manage your horses and your facilities straight from your phone, tablet or computer and remain in compliance with the current regulations.

As a horse keeper, you must comply with certain European health regulations:

  • declaration of the places of residence
  • movements of horses in and out
  • traceability of all treatments carried out on your horses (vaccination, deworming, health checks, farrier,etc)
  • retention of prescriptions

As professionals, you will know that your needs as a manager cannot be met by the generic CRM tools currently on the market. We wanted to include the following:

  • managing co-owners,
  • invoicing livery,
  • guaranteeing traceability of frozen semen and organising breeding schedules,
  • managing breeding contracts.

The Brains behind Groomy

Groomy was developed by Equidéclic, a communication and IT development agency specialising in the equine sector.

Since 2006, Equidéclic has been helping industry professionals boost their communications and optimise their commercial management, with its management and technical monitoring software.

In 2018, we were lucky enough to acquire a competitor software, which had a major presence in racing. It was rapidly becoming obsolete, and its technology had a remaining shelf life of only 3 years. By 2006, we had developed an initial version of our management software that had found its market in the large structures of the sport horse. Until this time, and particularly with the acquisition of Oharas, we had been targeting the major players in the horse industry. At the same time, our Gynebase software and our stallion CRM were now beginning to age. 

That is why, in 2018, we decided to launch a major overhaul of our entire range with the aim of developing a cutting-edge solution that could support our customers over the next 10 years. This revamp was also intended to allow us to address a wider market segment. Our user-friendly tools are equally suitable for very large facilities and for individual horse owners.

This is how Groomy was born.

Groomy Today

In 2023, our fifteen-strong team continues to do its utmost to support the equine industry and its players.

Our long-standing experience within the industry as well as the copious feedbacks that we have received from our customers, have allowed us to upgrade Groomy on a rolling basis.

We are delighted to be able to offer first module of Groomy free of charge. Health requirements are the same for all, whether private individuals or businesses, and we wanted to allow all equine keepers to accuraretly manage their breeding records.

Today, we have developed advanced features to support our customers in tasks that go far beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements. You can activate these specific options (invoicing, reproduction and covering)  when you udgrate to the next version. Not only will it help you manage your facilities better, it will offer far greater benefits...

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