Groomy: Innovating Global Horse Management

Groomy: Innovating Global Horse Management


In a continuously growing effort to assist various businesses in the equine industry and with the aim of expanding its presence to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Groomy is going international!

Groomy crosses borders

For several years, our company has been dedicated to the development of Groomy. Fortified by this success in France, we have decided to broaden our horizons and offer our solution to an international clientele.

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of Groomy in the United Kingdom and Ireland, two countries renowned for their equestrian passion and thriving industry.

Why UK and Ireland?

UK and Ireland are heavily involved in the horse racing and breeding industry, which generates billions of euros each year. Stables and breeders play a key role in the sector by providing high-quality horses for races and equestrian events.

However, managing stables and breeding operations can be complex. Stables need to manage the health and well-being of their horses, training schedules, and numerous administrative tasks. Breeders, on the other hand, must track the progress of their horses, manage breeding and veterinary follow-ups.

This is where Groomy comes in. With its intuitive and customisable management system, Groomy simplifies and enhances the day-to-day management for stables and breeders. Users can easily handle all their administrative tasks in one place while staying connected with other members of their team.

The demand for such management solutions has experienced rapid growth in UK and Ireland, with many stables and breeders seeking ways to improve their efficiency. With Groomy, they can manage all aspects of their operations in real-time and on a single platform, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Adapting to the British and Irish market

To meet the specific needs of the British and Irish markets, we have worked closely with local experts to tailor Groomy to the particularities of these two countries.

As an international company now, we understand the importance of providing customer support and assistance in English. Our support team consists of bilingual professionals who are ready to assist users at any time. Whether it's technical questions, usage advice, or support requests, we are committed to providing quality support for our customers in France, UK, and Ireland.

Our goal is to help stables and breeders improve their efficiency, optimise their operations, and free up time to focus on what matters most: the horses.

We are confident that our Groomy is a valuable asset for stables and breeders, enabling them to gain efficiency, productivity, and success.

Discover Groomy

Why choose Groomy?

Groomy is a solution designed to simplify and optimise the daily operations of professionals in the equine industry.

Its competitive advantage lies in the centralisation of all essential data.

  • Its intuitive interface allows users to manage all aspects of their activities in one place.
  • Its features, such as veterinary record tracking, vaccination reminders, and appointment management, enhance the efficiency of care and follow-up.
  • Groomy also meets the specific needs of horse racing and breeding management.
  • Its "Invoicing" option facilitates financial management with invoicing tools and expense tracking.
  • Users can customise Groomy according to their needs, choosing features and optimising the software for a tailored management experience.

Many stables and breeders in France have already adopted Groomy and testify to the significant improvements they have seen in their daily management. Their testimonials reinforce Groomy's reputation as a modern and trusted management solution.

They trust us

With the launch of Groomy in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we are excited to share these benefits with new customers. Our team is ready to support users in adopting and using Groomy to improve their efficiency and productivity while providing ongoing support and personalised assistance.

Groomy is more than just a management software; it is a trusted partner for stables and breeders looking to optimise their operations and strive for excellence in the equine industry.

An important step for Groomy

The international launch of our software in UK and Ireland marks a significant milestone for our company. By adapting Groomy to the specific needs of these two markets, we offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for professionals in the equine industry.

We are proud of the success Groomy has already achieved in France, and we are thrilled to open up to stables and breeders in UK and Ireland. Our team is ready to support our future users in adopting and using Groomy by providing personalised assistance.

Together, let's build a promising future for stables and breeders for French and English speakers.

Join us on this new adventure and discover how Groomy can transform the management of your horses and your operations.


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