The electronic signature now available on Groomy.

The electronic signature now available on Groomy.


Groomy has integrated Yousign's solutions to enable its users to electronically sign various types of document directly from their personal space.

Yousign is a French company, based in neighbouring Caen to be exact, specialising in electronic signatures and online document management. Founded in 2013, Yousign offers solutions to simplify and secure document signing processes, replacing traditional paper-based methods with electronic signatures that comply with current regulations.

Presentation of the new electronic signature feature in collaboration with Yousign

In the world of stables and horse breeding, efficient document management is essential to ensure smooth operations and regulatory compliance.

Thanks to this collaboration with Yousign, Groomy now offers its users the option of electronically signing their documents directly from their personal Groomy space.

The benefits of electronic signatures include a significant reduction in processing times, improved traceability of signatures and enhanced security thanks to the identification of signatories.

Groomy's integrated electronic signature solution offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to sign their documents. Groomy users can now sign quotations, breeding contracts and much more in just a few clicks, wherever they are and on any type of device: mobile, tablet or computer.

This new feature will help equine professionals, whether they are managers, breeders or stallion owners, to save precious time and simplify their administrative tasks.

Simple document signature process

This new feature enables Groomy users to upload their documents directly from their personal space, prepare them for electronic signature and send them to the parties concerned.

The electronic signature process is simple: signatories receive an e-mail notification allowing them to access, view and sign the document electronically in complete security.

The electronic signatures offered by Yousign comply with the regulations in effect, in particular the eIDAS regulation in Europe, ensuring their legal authenticity and evidential value.

Document management and tracking

In addition to electronic signatures, Groomy also offers document tracking and management features. Users can easily find and access their signed documents, digitally archive them and share them with relevant parties.

Digital document storage enables efficient organisation and quick access to the history of signed documents, making it easier to collaborate and find key information. This centralised approach to document management reduces the risk of losing or forgetting important documents, contributing to greater productivity and overall efficiency.

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Groomy's new electronic signature feature, integrated thanks to the partnership with Yousign, is a real asset for stables and horse breeders. It simplifies and secures the document management process, saving users time and improving productivity.

Groomy software continues to innovate in order to offer its customers the best management tools, and this collaboration with Yousign is just one example. Software users can now benefit from a complete and integrated solution, all within a single platform.

We encourage all stable and horse breeding professionals to discover the benefits of Groomy, and make the most of this new feature to manage their business easily and efficiently.

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