Optimise the Commercial Management of your Stallions with Groomy

Optimise the Commercial Management of your Stallions with Groomy


Our Groomy covering option allows you to create and plan breeding contracts and invoice them.

Managing the Marketing of your Stallions

Groomy offers a state-of-the-art stallion option for stallion breeders and agents.

Are you seeking to improve your commercial management? Manage your breeding schedule effortlessly? Make sure that all your information about mares to be covered is up to date?

Are you anxious about being late with your health declarations? Are you nervous about managing the syndication of your stallions?

Groomy offers the ideal solution. You can now manage your breeding season with total peace of mind as all you need to do is make a limited number of entries to have all your important information in one single place.

You can see at a glance if a contract has been signed and invoiced whether a mare's health file is complete.

Key Benefits of Groomy

  • In a matter of minutes, you can create, print, and mail out personalized breeding contracts and follow up any signed or unsigned contracts
  • Our breeding schedule allows you to determine and fill in all available breeding slots by individual stallions during the season and avoid duplication
  • Our covering option allows you to see at a glance if customers and mares are in good standing, and that the mare can be covered
  • You can see the allocation of "pool" or "personal" shares from the software and attach the shares to the breeding contracts. This makes it much easier to manage syndication regardless of the number of shares or stallions syndicated

Groomy allows you save time in on administrative tasks throughout the season.

Invoicing Different Breeding Contracts

The whole point of our Groomy software is to combine technical and administrative management, so by combining Groomy's invoicing option with its covering option, we can now:

  • generate invoices for breeding reservations and/or technical fees
  • invoice all balances as at October 1st or by live foal
  • carry out accounting exports
  • generate credit notes
  • manage payments and unpaid bills
  • generate check deposit slips

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