Groomy: Horse Management on the Go

Groomy: Horse Management on the Go


With Groomy, managing your horses and your business has never been easier. Discover a wide range of useful functions for horse owners and equine professionals (yard managers, breeders, etc.).

Whether you're at the office on your computer, at the stables or on the move armed with your tablet or phone, Groomy is always at hand to simplify your daily life and make your administrative tasks so much easier.

What can Groomy do for You?

Groomy Offline

Firstly, Groomy allows you to work offline. No need to worry if you are temporarily without an Internet connection. You can keep using Groomy just as normal and your data will sync automatically as soon as you are back online. This way you'll never lose important information, even when you're out and about and off the beaten track.

Accessible from all Devices

Groomy is designed to fit in with your daily life when you are out and about with your horses. You can take it with you wherever you go - have it on your desktop in the office, in the stables or on your tablet or phone when you are on the move. It is supremely flexible and allows you to keep tabs on your horses, whether you're at the stables or out competing.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Access to Groomy is even easier as the app is available in both mobile and desktop versions. You can use your web browser to access Groomy from your desktop or download our mobile app for quick remote access from your device. It is an incredible versatile tool that allows you towork the way you want and always have Groomy to hand.

More than One User at the Same Time

Groomy is also ideal for yards or farms with several work teams. Different people can use the app at the same time, making it easier to collaborate and improving the coordination of horse-related tasks. Constant synchronisation ensures that all data is always up to date, eliminating the risk of errors or duplication.


Groomy is the ideal management solution for horse owners and equine professionals (yard managers, breeders, etc.). Groomy gives you all the flexibility you need to get you organised and remain connected to your horses and your business, wherever you happen to be. 

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