Groomy's Central Customer Data Record

Groomy's Central Customer Data Record


Keep all your customer data in one place!

Information Stored on our Software

Your customer record allows you to store:

  • Customer contact information
  • Legal information, in the case of businesses
  • List of contacts related to a business
  • List of their horses
  • Invoices and payments history

This file tells you, at a glance, your customer's entire history.

Benefits of Customer Files

A Groomy customer file is equivalent to a real directory available at all times on any medium.

It allows you to list all your customers and helps you:

  • save time : by grouping your customers together on the same tool, it is much quicker to locate specific information
  • implement communication strategies: by classifying your customers, youcan better target your communication campaigns and personalise your emails
  • set up commercial strategies: by classifying your customers, you can offer your customers relevant personalised offers

Personal Data Protection on Groomy

Groomy guarantees optimal data protection for you and your customers.

All data entered into Groomy software belongs to you and are not processed or sold under any circumstances.

For more information about our privacy policy, click here. 

As a data controller, you must ensure that you comply with current regulations applicable to the processing of personal data.

  • collect no more information than necessary
  • be transparent
  • think about people's rights
  • keep control of the data
  • identify risks
  • secure your data

Do not hesitate to call on us for support in this process.

Further information

If you would like to have a full demonstration of the Groomy software and find out more about how to subscibe, please contact us.

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