Data Storage on Groomy

Data Storage on Groomy


Groomy is an application designed to enable you to monitor and manage up to 5 horses for free. It is also a solution suitable for businesses which need to track the movements of their horses, possibly monitoring the progress of reproduction, managing invoicing, covering, etc.

You can now have all the information you need about your horse in one place and access it from wherever you are.

Create your own Groomy Account

A Groomy account allows you to:

  • create a movement record for your horses
  • ensure good equine health traceability
  • keep all your prescriptions,
  • manage your business (e.g. gynaecological examinations of mares, invoicing, stallion management)
    at the click of a mouse.

Groomy Software and Security

When creating a Groomy account, you must provide your email address and a password, thereby securing your account and restricting access only to holders of this information.

Our software and application are cloud-based:
"it is a collection of hardware, network connections and software providing services that individuals and communities can use from anywhere in the world"

Because they are cloud-based, your data can be accessed from anywhere:

  • if you change your computer, there is no need to install anything. Just connect to our Groomy software and your data are quickly recovered.
  • several users can also log onto Groomy simultaneously. For example, if a new service contract is entered by user X, it quickly pops up on the software of colleague Y and they can both work on it together.

Groomy facilitates follow-up, communication, and organisation.


Groomy is based on a modern cloud infrastructure and is optimised for efficient use:

  • your data are kept secure (with backup managed by Amazon Web Services Relational Database Services (AWS - RDS) with automatic backup)
  • your data are accessible via the HTTPS protocol (the transfer of data between your machine and the server is encrypted) wherever you happen to be
  • the software is also optimised for run on mobile phones, tablets, and computers
  • it can even be used without an internet connection and data is automatically backed up (and stored for 16 days)
  • files (e.g. prescriptions and photos) are stored and backed up via Amazon S3 with automatic redundancy and replication

The application always stays up to date. Updates and new features become available as soon as we develop them. You don't have to lift a finger as we take care of everything.

If your computer or phone is stolen, you can access your data from another machine. Groomy allows you to remain fully functional, anywhere and at all times!

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