Achieve More with Groomy's Features

Achieve More with Groomy's Features


Groomy is an application for monitoring and managing your horses and/or your structure. It allows you to centralise all your horse's information in one place.

Groomy is available on mobile, tablet and computer wherever you are.

Let's take a look at the different functionalities according to your needs:

You are a private individual:

With Groomy, you can manage up to 5 horses for free on the same software.

Groomy allows you to:

  • Keep an up-to-date breeding register for all your horses
  • Keep an easy health record
  • Keep your veterinary prescriptions

You are a professional:

Groomy allows you to manage more than 1000 horses and your structure easily from a single software application on any support and wherever you are.

  • Manage your breeding register
  • Create your standard acts
  • Customise your reminders
  • Personalize your own views and dashboards


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You are a professional who needs to invoice your customers:

  • Manage invoices of acts and liveries fees
  • Follow payments and outstanding payments
  • Generate cheque deposit slips
  • Create your customer files
  • Make your accounting exports
  • Set up your accounting


You are a professional who needs to keep track of your mares:

  • Schedule all gynaecological procedures
  • Keep record of individual gynaecological follow-up
  • Manage your embryo collections and transfers
  • Find your gynaecological planning of the day
  • Add the PRO Invoicing option to invoice your gynaecological procedures


You are a professional who needs to manage stallions:

  • Create and send your customised breeding contracts
  • Manage your breeding schedule
  • Manage the syndication of your stallions
  • Invoicing option included to bill your coverings


Groomy is constantly developing to offer you the best features, and we are always ready to listen to your needs.

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